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31 August 2007 @ 15:13
A Gap Worthy of Love, Chapter 2  
Title: A Gap Worthy of Love
Author: Me, Daniel! (danni1112)
Part: 2 of 4-ish
Rating: 18 (not in all chapters though…)
Pairing: Pudd!! OTP <3
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smutt (not all in this chapter though…)
Summary: Dougie is 16, Harry is 26. Could love happen for these two particular people? …
Dedications: To star55, beckystark06, orpheous87, elphee, jedisnickers, juddpoynter, stfoosabffimagineand finally dictionary1for all commenting on my first chapter and inspiring me to continue this! Much love <3
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, never did etc. And I don’t own Clapham Junction on which this fic is based…
Word count: 1,034
A/N: There is a special ded here for Jimmy, Dino and Tomarse because they’re awesome! Becky because she put up with me and Dino! Dino is especially awesome in bed! lol Much love guys! <3
Chapter 2
Harry Judd was looking out of his living room window as he normally did on an afternoon after work. As usual all the schools had finished, and the school children were running or walking home. This usually meant going past Harry’s house. Of course, Harry would look at the children, but he didn’t stare at the younger children. Obviously, a lot of rumours were going around about Harry, most of them being true. Harry Judd could be called a paedophile, but he didn’t ‘perv’ on any child that look younger than 16, because that would be just slightly wrong.
Harry usually watched the sixth form students, and the year eleven students. He did this mainly so that if anyone did find out about him, it wouldn’t be illegal. Also, he never watched the girls; they were of no interest to Harry. Yes, Harry Judd was gay. This was mainly why he never had anyone in his apartment. As he was watching the students this time though, he noticed that his favourite sixth form student, Dougie, wasn’t there. As this happened every now and again Harry knew exactly where to find him. The library…
Dougie had decided that he had to do some extra homework to catch up on, so he had gone to the library. He also knew that because he wasn’t walking home, the certain person, Harry, would end up here. Dougie was sat at his usual table, closer to the student resources section. As Dougie was clearly a sixth from student, he felt it be better if he sat near the section. Of course, he had a rep to uphold, so he wouldn’t be seen actually in the student section, just near. He was also one of the laziest students at the school, so why make an effort if you didn’t have to?
As Dougie sorted through his reading materials and homework papers out, the one person he fantasised about daily walked through the doors. He took a quick look around noticed Dougie and smirked. Dougie also smirked when Harry saw him walking towards his table and sit straight in front of him. At first, all Harry did was look straight at Dougie and give a quick smile. Then something that Dougie wasn’t expecting happened, Harry Judd said hello to him. This nearly made Dougie faint on the spot, but it was shortly out lived as Harry went off to find a book and said hello to a few other people on the way.
Dougie could tell that Harry was definitely up to something, as he had never spoke to him before, but there were other people around. Surely Harry Judd, the Harry, wasn’t flirting with Dougie. As far as Dougie knew, there was already someone in Harry’s life, even though he’d never seen Harry with someone. Then again, rumours are generally just that, a rumour.
Dougie knew that Harry wasn’t flirting with him though, after all, Dougie was 10 years younger than Harry. Why would he be interested in him? Of course, Dougie was like the other teenagers that fancied older people. A lot of people don’t get anywhere because of the age difference, but Dougie was prepared to go for a relationship, if Harry was of course. This meant that because Dougie was Dougie, he was up for anything, anything. He was definitely up for getting into Harry Judd’s pants, even if it killed him afterwards. Of course, who was he kidding? It would never happen…
Harry was determined to get Dougie. He didn’t want to just shag him and leave him. He wanted to be there for him, to love him and to care for him no matter what. If Harry could have Dougie it would make his life worthwhile.
After Harry had finished watching Dougie and pretending to read his book, he had also taken a few photos of Dougie for later, he decided to go back home so he could sort his shirts out for work. Dougie, however, was not going home for good news.
As Dougie walked home, iPod in ears, he had numerous thoughts about Harry Judd zooming around his head. As he walked past the house that Harry lived in, he suddenly became very curious. He walked up to the window and saw Harry looking directly at him. Dougie started blushing as Harry smiled and winked at him. There was definitely something going on with Harry.
As Dougie arrived at his home, he was greeted by his mother, Sam. Also there was Jazzie, the evil little sister that Dougie used to have to care about. He had only just sat down when Mrs. Poynter announced that she has yet another boyfriend and would be going out with him that evening. Jazzie was also going to be staying at a friend’s house for the weekend. Dougie was listening to all this intently, not, and tuned out and carried on thinking about Harry. He did start to listen when his mum announced that he had the house to himself for the entire night, but again tuned out when ‘the rules’ were enforced again.
Dougie said goodbye to his mum and ran up the stairs. He threw his bag onto the bed and went straight for his computer. He quickly loaded up MSN, and found his best mate, Tom, to talk to.
Tom was a tall lad with blonde hair. He was taller than Dougie, smarter than Dougie and pretty much gayer than Dougie. Tom always had the camp hand thing that Dougie hated, but he couldn’t hate tom. Tom was special to Dougie; he had been his first boyfriend. They’d spend all their time together, but it soon ended. Nonetheless, they had stayed friends and had stayed extremely close. They were the best of friends.
After talking to tom for a bit, it was established that he was going to come over to Dougie’s and help him get to Harry’s house. Harry was always in anyway, so all they had to do was find some way of getting him to answer the door. That wouldn’t be too much of a problem, not with Tom’s help anyway.
Harry and Dougie were in for a very interesting night…
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beckystark06 on 31st August 2007 14:48 (UTC)
Yes, It's true i did have to deal with Dino and Dany *Bad times*
And as for Tom(arse) Im ashamed :)

Nice Add tho Hun x
Daniel: Dougiedanni1112 on 31st August 2007 14:49 (UTC)
We were only having a bit of fun!! :P
And Tomarse loved every minute of it :P

Thanks hun ily xx
beckystark06 on 31st August 2007 14:50 (UTC)
Yes he did, And thats what scares me most o.O
He was Ment to be my Sane Buddy :(

Oh well :)
Ly x
juddpoynter on 31st August 2007 14:53 (UTC)
Lol at the gay hand thing Tom has! XD

Yay! You updated! *glomps*
Danieldanni1112 on 31st August 2007 14:58 (UTC)
Hahah, I know! I had to put that in!! lol

Thanks for the comment Gemma!!! (have I got it right this time?)

ily xxx
juddpoynter on 31st August 2007 15:16 (UTC)
Yes, you have got it right!

Have one of my special Dougie cookies!

I love that name, Tomarse. It's a nickname we Tom fans gave him! XD
Danieldanni1112 on 31st August 2007 15:19 (UTC)
Yey!!! -eats- Woop!!

Yeh, me and Becky have a friend called Tom and we were calling him that :P but then again, he was being a naughty boy lol but that's a story for another time lol
beckystark06 on 31st August 2007 15:21 (UTC)
Yes it is. Im sure we dont want to scare of the lovely Slashers (who have cokines) away now do we?
Danieldanni1112 on 31st August 2007 15:23 (UTC)
No we don't, you're already scared :P

And you mean Cookies lol check what you type becky :P
beckystark06 on 31st August 2007 15:25 (UTC)

Ok Warning for Fellow slashers

Ingore my comments as your probobly wont be able to understand what i say

and i cba to use spell checker before any of you suggest that ^^
Sid the Hairy Spiderstfoosa on 31st August 2007 17:02 (UTC)
You wouldn't be talking about Jammy's Tomarse, would you? XD

It's an amazing story, I've told you before, and your paragraphs are a good length. That sounds odd, yes, but oh well.
beckystark06 on 31st August 2007 17:03 (UTC)
Yes we are unfortunatly.. The only one who i thoguh was sane!
skeleton_addict on 31st August 2007 17:37 (UTC)
I'm actually loving this...so post lots more really fast, kay?

Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 09:27 (UTC)
Woop!!! Thanks for the comment!

And I post when I can! lol

Emma: PJ Squeeorpheous87 on 31st August 2007 19:31 (UTC)
Ooh...I can't wait to see what they get up to!
Loving it so far! <3
Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 09:28 (UTC)
Hehe, Thanks Emma!

More soon!!
ily x
9 lives like a kitty catjuweel on 31st August 2007 21:38 (UTC)
WTF how did I miss the first chapter of this O.O

Love it!!!
Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 09:28 (UTC)
I don't know, how could you?! :(

But thanks for reading!!

Sabrinabffimagine on 1st September 2007 03:54 (UTC)
Hehehe Harry's gonna get arrested.




XxX More soon? Please? Pretty please with...er... Dougie on top?
Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 09:31 (UTC)
Hehe, No he isn't!!! :P

And yeah, I was going to make it flones for star55 but then I needed someone sensible to go with Dougie lol so it had to be Tom!

Maybe, but only cos you said wiht Dougie on top!!! ;)

ily xx
~*Star*~: Tom cute textstar55 on 1st September 2007 13:29 (UTC)
What happens?????
You got me all interested Dan!!!
Love ya
Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 14:29 (UTC)
Hehe, Read and find out!!! :P

ily2 xx
~*Star*~: Danny Tonguestar55 on 1st September 2007 14:33 (UTC)
When's the next part out?
I'm headed to bed in like 5 minutes... lol
Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 15:06 (UTC)
OMG, I'm sorry I dint reply chicka!!!

Probably in the next few days!!! :)

ily4, 5 + 6 x
~*Star*~: Dougie - Will You Stand Bystar55 on 1st September 2007 23:45 (UTC)
Ooh I am all excitable about the next chapter =P
I love your Dougie icon too! It's gorgeous *huggles you* very very purdy!!!

Love you loads
Daniel: Dougie Poynterdanni1112 on 2nd September 2007 13:00 (UTC)
Hehe, Thanks hun!

And do you like it? I made it using one of those tutorial thingys lol

ily x
~*Star*~: Danny Tonguestar55 on 2nd September 2007 13:03 (UTC)
Course I like it! It's gorgeous!
ily loads
Danieldanni1112 on 2nd September 2007 13:03 (UTC)
Hehe, you online love?

~*Star*~: Danny The Pink Bunnystar55 on 2nd September 2007 13:06 (UTC)
Sadly I no, got work in the morning, and its gettin fairly late here (eep!)
Chat soon though!!
Danieldanni1112 on 2nd September 2007 13:07 (UTC)
Okies then deary!!! Chat sooon xx
foreverlove_xx on 1st September 2007 14:26 (UTC)
i just started this fic and
it's really interesting so far :D

i don't know why i didn't start sooner
(and how i missed the first chapter)
because it's a Pudd story, i love Pudd!
shame on me
Danieldanni1112 on 1st September 2007 14:32 (UTC)
awwwwww poor thing lol

more soon!

ily x
laurenfoxy on 6th September 2007 08:04 (UTC)
Yes yes yes! I can feeeeel the Pudd action! :D
More soon ^^
Daniel: Dougie Poynterdanni1112 on 6th September 2007 17:32 (UTC)
Hehehe, thanks thanks thanks!!! :)

Yep, probably in the next few days, Sunday at the latest lol

ily xx