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27 August 2007 @ 11:45
New fic! A Gap Worthy of Love...  
Title: A Gap Worthy of Love
Author: Me, Daniel! (danni1112)
Part: 1 of ?
Rating: 18 (not in all chapters though…)
Pairing: Pudd!! OTP <3
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smutt (not all in this chapter though…)
Summary: Dougie is 15, Harry is not and he hasn’t been for a few years…
Dedications: To the wonderful star55 for helping me with icons, to stfoosa because she said this fic was awesome, and to everyone that contributed to the poll! <3
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, never did etc. And I don’t own Clapham Junction on which this fic is based…
Word Count: 1,020
A/N: Right then so this is my new fic! I thought it was about time that I started something new, so here it is! Have fun reading people. I’m also going to try, for the first time ever, to write 1000+ words each chapter!!!
Chapter 1
Number 7 of Kingston Avenue was always a peaceful place. It held a loving family and contained a gateway to the neighbourhood. You see, Kingston Avenue was located in a little town called Corringham, in Essex. Corringham was not known for any form of crime, this is why the Poynters had chosen to live here. Mr and Mrs Poynter had chosen Essex to bring up their children and also chosen number 4 for the space they needed. For you see, Essex is in the suburbs of London and is therefore very spacious. The future for the Poynters looked very bright, very bright indeed.
The first few years of living together were very special for the Poynters for they soon had a son called Dougie. The first years of Dougie’s life were notably the best. He had love and support, for everything that he did, from his family. However, it was after his little sister was born that things for the Poynters went wrong. Dougie’s parents were always falling out about money, work or something that Dougie didn’t understand. Slowly their father forgot about Dougie and Jazzie and things got worse. Eventually Mr Poynter moved out of the little house in Essex and left the family to their own devices. Mrs Poynter was devastated and soon turned to alcohol. This left Dougie, now 5, and Jazzie, now 2, very confused as no-one would pay attention to them. This massive change soon made its mark on Dougie and Jazzie.
As Jazzie grew up she would very rarely mention her father or rather why she didn’t have a dad. She would always ask where he was or why he was never home. However, all through her childhood she only ever got the same answer, ‘maybe when you’re older Jazzie’. For you see, Mrs Poynter or Sam, never like to talk about her ex-husband because of what he did to the little family in little Essex. As Dougie grew up though, he slowly began to understand things that were happening in his family. Dougie began to understand that he was going to have to be responsible for his sister at all times. He knew that he was the one that was going to have to look after Jazzie because his parents wouldn’t. This was a big job for an 8 year old boy, but Dougie stepped into his new role very easily. Despite the pressure of his mother and the rest of the family, Dougie managed to bring Jazzie up into a secure lifestyle.
Mrs Poynter still went to work and still managed to bring in enough to raise her family. Dougie however did not see this money because his mother spent it down at the local pub. Therefore Dougie was always doing jobs for people, which was a lot for an 8 year old boy to do. Dougie didn’t mind that much, but with fitting in his school work and own life, it soon started taking its toll.
By the time Dougie was 16, he had left school with all C’s in his GCSE’s. He had to then stay at home to look after Jazzie. Of course, Sam had recently come off the alcohol and was able to run the house again. This didn’t stop Dougie from doing the occasional dad figure jobs. He’d stay in his room most of the time, or be out with friends. However, he still had time to play football with Jazzie, check out her first boyfriend etc. Dougie was the perfect big brother no matter what was going on in his life.
As Dougie was meant to start college, he was instead looking after his family and working most evenings. He wouldn’t have had enough time to study as well. He didn’t have the time for a relationship, be it friends or love. Sure, Dougie had had the odd one or two girlfriends, but they were just silly little flings for Dougie. He wasn’t really interested in girls that much. No, Dougie wasn’t gay, he was bi-sexual. He just preferred to swing for the opposite team. He’d also had a relationship with one boy, Danny Jones, but this hadn’t lasted. After Danny found out about Dougie’s life, he flung himself straight out of Dougie’s life. This had messed Dougie’s head up even more.
Of course, liking boys to Dougie was like liking girls to any other boy. Dougie didn’t feel it was weird or abnormal; in fact Dougie was proud of his sexuality. He liked to flaunt himself at school at all the boys, and showed off his toned chest all the time. Of course, he wasn’t at school anymore, so those times had passed.
Dougie was a rather good looking lad. He was not too tall, but not too short. He had light brown, slightly blond hair with a big fringe that drooped over his left eye of which his eyes were of blue. He was always seen wearing baggy three-quarter lengths, or skater pants, and a t-shirt with the name of a band on it. For his shoes it was always a pair of Vans or Etnies, or some other skating brand.
Dougie hadn’t dated anyone since Danny, he was too emotionally unbalanced. There were certain boys his age that he liked, this is rather normal. However, what wasn’t normal was that Dougie liked a certain 26 year old male named Harry Judd. This man was known as the local man from the library. Harry Judd, unlike Dougie, was a very tall man. He had brown hair that was cut into a mullet, and he had blue eyes. He was always cleanly shaven, and his skin was perfect. He would wear a pair of jeans and an ordinary t-shirt every day and his shoes would just be a random pair of trainers. Harry Judd did take pride in his appearance but he would never look too well done.
As I mentioned before, Dougie had a soft spot for Harry. As with most men though, Dougie thought that Harry was straight, and could never possibly like a man, never mind Dougie. How wrong Dougie was indeed…
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Emma: Pudd=Loveorpheous87 on 27th August 2007 11:48 (UTC)
Ooh, interesting beginning! I can't wait to see more of this! :-)
Danieldanni1112 on 27th August 2007 11:56 (UTC)
Thanks for the comment! =]

And you will see more!! x
beckystark06 on 27th August 2007 11:54 (UTC)
Becky Likes :)
Danieldanni1112 on 27th August 2007 11:56 (UTC)
Thanks Becky!!! lol

ily x
elphee on 27th August 2007 12:39 (UTC)
OOH I'm liking it already!!
Danieldanni1112 on 27th August 2007 12:41 (UTC)
Awwww thanks hun!!!

ily x
~*Star*~: Dougie - Just want you to know who I amstar55 on 27th August 2007 12:49 (UTC)
This was a big job for an 8 year old boy, but Dougie stepped into his new role very easily. That is so damn sad! *huggles Dougie*

OMG Forbidden love (totally knew that was happening =P but still soo damn good!!)

Love this chapter! Can't wait for more
Danieldanni1112 on 27th August 2007 12:51 (UTC)
Heheh, thanks for the comments Star!!! :P

You can have more once I have wrote it!!! :P

ily xx
~*Star*~: Dougie Lovestar55 on 27th August 2007 12:53 (UTC)
Yay! Very cool!
Love ya xxxxx
Daniel: Dougie Pimpdanni1112 on 28th August 2007 10:22 (UTC)
Heheheeh, Do you like my new Icon!!!

It's on this comment!!
~*Star*~: Dougie-Let's Fuckstar55 on 28th August 2007 10:26 (UTC)
Very damn good! *paws* Dougie is hot!!!
Daniel: Dougie Poynterdanni1112 on 3rd September 2007 09:44 (UTC)
I know he is :P

Dougie is a god!! <3

And I made a new icon as you have seen!!! lol

ily x
~*Star*~: Dougie Lovestar55 on 3rd September 2007 09:48 (UTC)
And a new layout!! Wheee
I'll be online in half an hour or so, have to nip out for a quick bit

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Danieldanni1112 on 3rd September 2007 09:55 (UTC)
Yeh, I was going to design one, but I couldn't be arsed lol :P

Okies, I'll be on then :)

ily xx
juddpoynter on 27th August 2007 17:07 (UTC)
Aaw. Harry suddenly gotten older, haven't he? O.o

Bless Dougs. I do love the little blonde!~

Can't wait to read more, Daniel!

Danieldanni1112 on 27th August 2007 18:02 (UTC)
Awww thanks Gemma!!!

And yes he has! :p lol

You can have more once I've wrote it lol

ily -hugs and kisses- xxx

P.S. I'm married to star now too :P
Sid the Hairy Spiderstfoosa on 27th August 2007 17:10 (UTC)
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww whoop!

I love it, the words, the order of the words, the plot, and you! IT'S ALL GOOD, THEN!!! *cookie hand out* whoopishy whoop whoop!
Danieldanni1112 on 27th August 2007 18:00 (UTC)
Awww thanks love!!! :)

I love you too!!! xxx
kinky jinki the sm town whorejedisnickers on 28th August 2007 00:14 (UTC)
Yay for more Pudd! I loved this, it was realllly good :D
Daniel: Dougie Pimpdanni1112 on 28th August 2007 10:08 (UTC)
Hehe!!! Thanks Sarah!!! =]

I guess I'm going to have to continue this now aren't I? Lol

ily x
dictionary1 on 28th August 2007 07:16 (UTC)
Oooh :D
Fuck you Danny!
But yay@Harry! :D

I can't wait for moreeee!
Daniel: Dougzdanni1112 on 28th August 2007 10:10 (UTC)
Haha, Thanks for the comment love!!! =]

I'm called Danny too you know! :P lol

I love Harry too -hugs him-

Another yes, great! I've got to write now :( lol

ily x
Sabrinabffimagine on 30th August 2007 20:02 (UTC)
Aw I love how it all sounds like a Cinderella fairy tale!

More please please please! <3
Danieldanni1112 on 30th August 2007 20:03 (UTC)
Awww thanks!!! :)

You can have more once I write it :P

ily xx
laurenfoxy on 6th September 2007 07:56 (UTC)
Wow, I really love this :)
Poor Doug though :( Bless!

Gonna read the next chapter now!